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We specialize in traditional architecture, design, and planning adhering to the classic principles of the lowcountry vernacular.

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  • “Jill was recommended by our neighbors and we had an amazing experience. She understood how special our home location was, and worked hard to get us the price our property deserved. She delivered a great offer and even helped us find our temporary rental home. We were always kept informed and her knowledge of the market was spot on!”

  • “Jill, you are so incredible to come spend time with me yesterday with no real benefit to you for doing it. I have always been your number one fan and continue to be as I so admire your honesty and integrity. And, your ideas were exactly right for this house – you know how your stomach tells you when something sounds right – mine did!”

  • “Selling my first house, the one you so graciously helped sell, was very emotional for me and still is, but I wanted to thank you for everything, you have been superb!”

  • “You sure know how to sell homes!”

  • “This past Thanksgiving as we were taking turns talking about what we were thankful for, one of the things I said was you. Jill, I would never be where I am right now without you. I’m serious. You worked so hard for me, had a sincere concern every step of the way and couldn’t have done a more perfect job. To consider someone a friend after our meeting speaks volumes to me. So, since I’ve never told you, I thought I’d let you know.”

  • “Thanks Jill! They are such a deserving couple and you are making their first time home buying experience a very positive one!!!”

  • “I normally do not give referrals, but with Tukee Homes, I must say you’ve handled a difficult transaction most professionally and kept all parties informed.”

  • “Thank you for making the entire purchase process of our home as stress free as it could possibly be. You made it possible for us to never lose confidence throughout this entire affair. I don’t imagine how that would have been possible to do with anybody else.”