Staple Pieces for your Home Decor

Okay, so you’ve just bought a house. New homes lead to fresh starts for redecorating. After all, who doesn’t love a fresh new space with fresh new things? Style over the years has evolved from dark and moody to being light and airy. That’s the thing about home decor and style – it’s always evolving. Lets talk about some staple pieces that will help decorate your homes for years to come, even with the ever turning evolution of home decor. There are few things to recognize when you’re furnishing your home. Color scheme, the size of furniture, and your personal touch.

Here are some of my favorite looks:

Things that will help you decide your decor style?

  • Pinterest has a wealth of information when it comes to photographs of home decor. If you haven’t created an account, I’d recommend doing so. It’s a visual library of what the internet has to offer. It can help you get inspired with all of it’s photographs on home and living.
  • Think about your favorite shopping spots. Have you ever shopped somewhere that you’ve noticed something about the home or place that stuck with you when you left. My favorite places to shop are Pier 1, Target, and Restoration Hardware.
  • The inside of your closest can tell you a lot about what your personal taste is. Do you tend to wear a lot of neutrals, colors, both? Mirror your personal style of wardrobe with your style in your home for a win.

Color Palettes

Identifying a color palette you like will help you decorate your home. For example, I love navy blues, emerald greens, neutral browns, and gold. Think about all the decor that can come from that palette. Maybe you’re a little bit more into fruity tones, maybe you’re big into blues and grays. Once you choose a palette, finding decorations in that theme will become easy. Decorating your new home should be fun.

The Size of Your Decor

Does your new home have vaulted ceilings? Does it have an open layout? These things will determine the size of your decor. The taller the ceiling, the longer and leaner your decor can be. Having large furniture in a small space will crowd the space and make it appear even smaller. Take the room measurements with you when shopping for your space. The sales associates will help you create the magic. All you have to do is follow that color scheme.

Adding Your Personal Touch

Your favorite family photos, your precious gifts from relatives, your favorite art pieces – this is what makes up your personal touch. Add a pop of your palette to each item by incorporating your color palette with frames, rugs, pillows, throws, and the other decor that surrounds your personal touch.

Happy Decorating. Remember to focus on that palette and enjoy your new home.

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